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Greg Wolske has been self-employed with his own production and advertising business for most of his career. He received a B.S. in Business Administration from Ohio State University, after changing his major from art to marketing/advertising. Two years in law school followed during which time he began videotaping testimonies and accident scenes for his father's law firm. Legal advertising on television was in its infancy and seeing an opportunity, Wolske was soon producing commercials and creating advertising for numerous law firms. Additional advertising and production clients followed. Wolske has created commercials for bridal shows, hot tubs, used cars, politicians, cosmetic surgeons and numerous PSA's. He has produced many corporate/industrial videos, including several for leading national insurance and world-wide computer equipment companies.

A guitar player since an early age, Wolske began experimenting with audio recording while in college. He purchased a 4 track, multi-track recorder and in the spirit of Les Paul, learned to overdub and bounce tracks in order to record himself playing the various instrumental parts on his original songs.  Similarly,   Wolske is completely self-taught in film and video production, including video and 16mm & 35mm film camera operations, lighting, location & studio audio, video editing, animation and computer graphics. Producing, writing, directing, designing and creating are also an integral part of Wolske's production abilities.

Wolske is currently involved in producing, directing and creating several of his own projects, including two documentary films. The first is "Tear It Up!: The Rockabilly Documentary". This is the first film to comprehensively document Rockabilly music and recognize it as a separate American musical style, such as jazz and blues. Wolske has interviewed over eighty musicians from the 1950's and today, and he has filmed numerous performances in the United States and Britain. The film is currently being edited and has twice been screened as a work-in-progress film at the Independent Feature Project film festival in New York City. The second documentary film is entitled, "The American Teenage Hot Rod". This short film commemorates the teenage hot rod experience with interviews from several hot rod enthusiasts. Vintage hot rod film footage from Mr. Wolske's personal film collection is also included. This short documentary was selected to screen at the Tiburon International Film Festival, The Ohio Independent Film Festival and the IFP in New York.


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